Semarang Culinary - Gelael Signature

August 12, 2015

This time we went to Gelael that located inside Mall Ciputra Semarang. I think they were just re-branding and changing concept and now it's called Gelael Signature. I think it didn't change too much but I kinda feel the different atmosphere, a better one of course, and I like that way better than before.

There is a little cafe beside the supermarket. They have some pastries, different flavor of ice creams, pasta and some drinks from coffee to smoothies. Too bad we couldn't try their pasta. They were just re-open after the Eid holiday, and they said their supplier haven't send some of the ingredients so we couldn't have any pasta just yet. :(

Oh well..
But we did try some of their pastries and they taste quite good. It's nice to have some snacks after a grocery shopping time.

>> Gelael Signature <<
Mall Ciputra
Simpang Lima

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