Semarang Culinary - Bakmi Jowo Rilex's

August 10, 2015

Bakmi Jowo is one of little Q's favorite, and when we go to Semarang we will never miss a chance to have a really good one! This time we tried Bakmi Jowo Rilex's. They said this roadside stall have been existed for years. Well I kinda see why. When we arrived, the table inside the stall was full. But don't have to worry because they also provide some floor mats for people to sit on the sidewalk beside the stall.

We ordered some Bakmi Godok, Bakmi Goreng, Bakmi Nyemek, and have satay that contains of chicken skins, eggs, and some chicken innards. Little Q was a little bit upset because he's already starving while waiting for his bakmi, so when everything arrived at the table I couldn't take any picture of them and they were gone in minutes! hihiii.. For me, their Bakmi Goreng is the best one.

Here in Rilex's, they cook bakmi in traditional way, using the anglo. Javanese people have been cooking with anglo for decades. Anglo is a traditional cookstove made of clay. They use charcoals or little lumbers to make the fire and cook on it. That why, they took longer time to cook the foods, so you better not coming here starving. But when it comes to the taste, it really worth the wait! ;)

>> Bakmi Jowo Rilex's <<
Jalan Depok

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