Smells like... Cupcakes!

June 05, 2015

It's been years since the last time I made my own cupcakes. I'm not an expert, I just love baking. ♥
Those chocolate cupcakes with Lego minifigure on top were for my bestfriends graduation day. I remember how me and Ondy searched for those graduate minifigures from Lego minifigure series 5 back on 2011. We made one mistake out of 5 packs! But thanks to H, we finally got the last graduate man, hahaa..

Anyway, I just found this oh-looks-so-yummy Oreo Cupcakes recipe here. I love Oreo! Think I'm gonna try this one real soon.. :D

Oreo Cupcake, source: The NY Melrose Family

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