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May 29, 2012

I just got back from a family gathering last weekend. Not a usual gathering like dinner together or have a lunch party in the backyard, but we rent an outbound area, play some games, chit chatting with the whole family until midnight, sleep in tents, and do the Team High Ropes together on the second day. It was totally fun!

Anyway, I will share the pictures with you guys later because I still have some reviews that have to be done before the end of the month..
Now let's get started with Pondok Nasgor Cak Jali. One of our favorite roadside stall.
Cak Jali, Nasi Telur, Koloke Udang, Lychee Squash

"Pondok Nasgor Cak Jali" literally means "Mr. Jali's Fried Rice Hut". Yup, they serve various of fried rice, and some other dish that suits with it.
Cak Jali Menu 01
Cak Jali Menu 02

Open from around 5 p.m until midnight, this is just the perfect place for having a late dinner with quite a huge portion and inexpensive price and of course, a tasty one! :)
koloke udang

My all time favorite here in Cak Jali, Koloke Udang.. yummm~

>>  Pondok Nasgor Cak Jali  <<
Jalan Cikapayang (under the Pasupati Overpass)
Bandung, West Java - Indonesia

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