Happy Father's Day, Momo..

June 22, 2015

Happy father's day, Momo!
You will always be our hero..

Kisses and Hugs,
Qavi & Bubun ♥

I made this video for a last-minute gift for this year's father's day. Hope you like it, hubby! I'm going to show Q the video this afternoon, wondering how he would react. :P
What's your gift for father's day yesterday?

Anyway, Q's got cough and cold, and was being such a hugger all day. I like the hugger part, but definitely not the c&c! The weather is not really nice lately in here. I hope everyone is on a good condition because it's fasting time and we usually have less sleep.

Happy Father's day to all Dads in the whole wide world..!! :)

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