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June 08, 2015

For those who were wondering, terrarium is a sealable or opened glass container with one or more plants inside. For short, it's a plant-in-a-glass. ;)

Terrarium is very trending lately, especially those with succulents inside. Me and S had got some succulents few years ago, but we didn't really take care them right so they died after several months. I've heard some say that if you couldn't manage to plant a cactus, then you would never ever grow any other plants. What? Really?? :(

Last month Q had a succulent from our 2nd birth club birthday party. I thought this might be my second chance to make a friend with plants. And I really hope that Q is getting interested with plants as well. So I started to do some research..

The succulent that we had is called a Zebra Cactus or Zebra Plant (Haworthia attenuata). They came far far away from South Africa. They only need little water, no strong sunlight, and almost no maintenance at all. What a perfect plant to start on! :D

On my so-called-research, I suddenly came to these wonderful pictures of terrarium on Pinterest. And I fall in love with how wonderful those succulent in a jars (I mean terrariums) look like. Anyway, I just made it up cause they are so cute just like cake in a jars! Oh wait! But they are not only beautiful inside a jar. Some set them in glass vases, fish bowls, cups, even lightbulbs! Here are some of my favorite..

Image Source: Pinterest

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