When Your Child Choose To Be A Vegetarian

June 09, 2015

I just read this article on Cup Of Jo about a three-years-old boy in Brazil that explaining to his mom why he won't eat his dinner. He had an octopus gnocchi that evening and he refused to eat it because there was a real chopped octopus on it.

Being vegetarian is a choice, and up until now I choose not to be one. Not because I hate veggies, I love them! Only, I also like smoked beef and fried chicken and seafood as well. But if someday my son choose to be one, I wouldn't mind at all.

But it's not only the vegetarian thing that made me interested on this video, it's the mother reaction along this video. She was so patient and lovely and very understanding. It really makes me think.
It is important for parents to appreciate what they children think about every little thing in this world.  

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