Cheese and Lychee

June 21, 2012

For you that live in Bandung, you should have heard of Bawean Bakery/Resto/Gelato/Cafe. It was one of the oldest bakery in town. Under the name of Sweetheart (before they use Bawean), they have been bake so many pastries since 1946. They changed the name Sweetheart to Bawean on 1995 because on that time Indonesian government asked everyone in the country to not to use foreign name for their shop.

Anyway, a few months ago I heard that they started to sell macaron, but only few days ago I finally taste it. On our way to Tidar Art Shop (oh, I'll tell you later about this awesome little shop), we stopped by Bawean store to buy a quick lunch because we were in a bit rush. So I grab a tuna sandwich, one little sweet cheese bread, two macarons and one cold tea in a box.
Macaron, Bawean BakeryBandung - Indonesia
Cheese Macaron | 8.5K
Lychee Macaron | 7.5K

I prefer the cheese one because I could really taste the cheese filling. The other one was nice too, but I almost couldn't feel the taste of the lychee inside the filling. I didn't get the picture of Tuna Sandwich, but I can tell you that it was nice, except the bitter taste of the onions inside of it. I wonder why onion could be bitter sometimes. Anyone could tell me why??

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Jalan Bawean No.4 Bandung 
Jalan R.E. Martadinata No.140 Bandung
West Java - Indonesia

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